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11 secrets of the perfect kiss

11 secrets of the perfect kiss

You probably know that kissing is not only pleasant, but also very useful. Now imagine that for many couples in love, kissing can be even more exciting than sex – especially if you know some tricks that turn lip touching into an incredibly erotic process.

According to many popular books on psychology, men and women are creatures from different planets, having different, often opposite opinions on everything. Nevertheless, there are issues on which we are unanimous – for example, we adore kissing, but often do not pay enough attention to this process, routinely touching each other with our lips in goodbye or in the process of foreplay. How to make a kiss excite, give goosebumps and excite sexual fantasies, know the girls and guys who shared their secrets with you.

The mirror of one’s heart

“When a girl and I kiss, I like to open my eyes, but only for a second or two. It reminds me that everything is happening in reality, and not dreaming to me. Just don’t blink too often, girls – the guy might think that you are not focused enough on him, ”- Bruno, 23.

Hands are not for boredom

“Yes, I know that in this case, all the attention is on the lips, but I think that the hands and the way you use them play an important role in the kiss. This shows that the guy cares not only about the mechanical side of the process, what he thinks about me and wants me to be closer. He can take my face in his palms, run his hands along my spine, squeeze me tightly and pull me away a little – in general, do it the way it is often shown in romantic melodramas. Looks a little sugary, but it works just flawlessly.” – Sarah, 31.

Leave talking

“I’m a fan of good conversation and a good kiss, but not at the same time. I think the perfect kiss should be long-lasting and effortless, so let’s put the words aside. ”- Becky, 21.

Calm, only calm

“When it comes to kissing a new partner, many of us get very nervous, which instantly negates the pleasure, but where there is stress, there is no place for a good kiss. Just relax and have fun – if there are feelings between you, then the technique will appear at the level of intuition. “- Sherrill Kirschenbaum, author of Science of the Kiss.

Corporate handwriting

“My boyfriend is very fond of my ‘signature’ kiss, when I quickly kiss him three times on the cheek – smack, smack, smack. I can do this when I talk to him on the phone, when we sit in different corners of the room or when he is driving – this is our secret code. ”- Rachel, 26.

Fresh breath makes understanding easier

“When you’re going on a date and assume you’ll be kissing, don’t forget chewing gum or mints — there’s nothing worse than feeling someone’s stale breath.” – Nate, 24

Add some passion

“One guy just kissed me and then gently pulled a strand of hair from his face – it was very nice. I feel about the same when stroking my cheek – a subtle movement can be remembered for a long time. ”- Lindsay, 21.

With sense, with feeling …

“In marriage, kissing sooner or later fades into the background. My husband and I do not kiss as often as it used to be, but we still put love and tenderness into our every kiss ”, – Christina, 27 years old.

Show teeth

“Once my boyfriend and I were kissing and he gently, barely perceptibly bit my lower lip. It was very unexpected and very sexy – I felt like I was in a cool music video. ”- Alison, 21.

Don’t close your mouth

“Men love deep, open kisses, while girls often complain that the guy doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut. The fact is that this is not just his whim, but an evolutionarily determined feature: male saliva contains a small amount of the sex hormone testosterone, which, during a wet, deep kiss, enters the woman’s body. If a man kisses the same partner for a week, a month or longer, her body becomes very susceptible to testosterone and, perhaps, precisely because of these micro doses of the hormone, a woman becomes more receptive to sex in general and to a particular partner in particular, ” Cheryl Kirshenbaum, author of The Science of the Kiss.

Changing course

“It’s good when a guy starts a kiss with slow and gentle touches of his lips, but if he continues in the same spirit all the time, it becomes very boring. In a kiss there must be pressure, strength and a share of aggression in order to “spark the flame” – Ashley, 24 years old.

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