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Welcome to Naughty Desires.

Naughty desires is the page that will guide you through exotic fantasies, tips and trick for loving your partner in an extraordinary way.

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5 best sex positions for couples of different heights

Diary of memory If your partner is taller than you, standing positions can be crossed out immediately. Except for one. Ask him to push you against the wall, lifting your hips slightly, like he’s Ryan Gosling. It is not necessary to test a guy for strength, but for the sake of a beautiful moment “like…

Why do girls watch porn?

All the girls do it. You type the word “porn” in a Google search box, go to the site, turn off the sound on your computer, and watch with healthy curiosity what they do there. And you do it in pleasant solitude. Admit it, was that? If not, then you are in the minority. A…

How to behave after having sex with a new boyfriend

Doors are closing Maria is experiencing personal disaster. She accidentally ruined a quivering romance. She did not just ruin the romantic atmosphere with a stupid phrase or an unmotivated act, but literally went nuts. Everything began more than fine: meeting at a mutual friend’s birthday party, talking about art, winking in Skype, tapping in ICQ,…

10 facts about blowjob every girl should know

  1. The penis has no eyes. Therefore, he cannot distinguish the throat from the inside of the mouth. All these slimy surfaces feel equally pleasant for a guy. Therefore, a good blowjob is not deep. A good blowjob is reckless and active.
  2. The penis is not a vagina or a waterslide. In the sense that it does not get wet on its own and does not release additional lubricant on the outside. Therefore, always use an intimate gel, water, or an abundance of your own saliva.
  3. It is not necessary to pray for him. The most common blowjob position in movies and porn is a girl kneeling and shaking her head up and down, while a guy poses in a pose of a Greek god. It’s too much. Just sit on the bed and do it lying down.
  4. No need to swallow sperm and say: “Oh my God, this is tastier than eclair!” First, you don’t have to swallow at all. The guy will not be offended if you gently release the semen into a napkin or cup by the bed. And secondly, let’s be honest – there is nothing tastier than eclair.
  5. Do not gnaw! And don’t bite. And don’t even bite. The world is already teeming with scary stories about women who used their teeth during a blow job. Therefore, hide them back into the gums, and touch its sensitive area with special tenderness.
  6. It smells bad sometimes. By their nature, some people smell worse than others – here, alas, we are powerless. Therefore, some guys’ penis (especially during the summer) may have a pungent odor. But no one canceled the shower – offer the guy to have oral sex under streams of warm water.
  7. Even small penises in the mouth magically grow. It probably works like a waffle towel that grows in size when you throw it in water. Therefore, do not relax – your mouth is not that huge, you have to try.
  8. Don’t do this until you are exhausted. The fact that you took his penis into your mouth does not mean that you have accepted the challenge and are planning to release it if he experiences an enchanting orgasm. Throw it when you’re tired. We are not at war.
  9. Oral sex is a foreplay, not the main event of the evening. Therefore, after warming up with oral sex, transgress to other sex fragments of your personal life. And never give a blow job as a reward. Your man is not a dog, what other handouts?
  10. It’s okay to love a blow job. Not to love too. It doesn’t make you a frivolous prostitute or a boring prude. After all, we all perfectly understand that oral sex is just a “snack” on the menu of your sexual meal. Do not make a cult out of this and do not choke on the dish if you do not taste it.

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