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5 best sex positions for couples of different heights

5 best sex positions for couples of different heights

Diary of memory

If your partner is taller than you, standing positions can be crossed out immediately. Except for one. Ask him to push you against the wall, lifting your hips slightly, like he’s Ryan Gosling. It is not necessary to test a guy for strength, but for the sake of a beautiful moment “like in a movie” – it is really worth it.

A builder’s dream

Stop using a mountain of pillows just to make the doggie-style a little more comfortable. After all, there is a headboard for this. Just bend over and let him grab you by the legs like you’re a construction car. It doesn’t sound very sexy, but in fact everyone will be satisfied.

At eye level

Don’t forget to use furniture. But only the one that is kaaa just at the level of his penis. Dining and bar stools, dressers, sinks or even a washing machine will do. Especially the last one. For obvious reasons.

Through hardships to the stars

In case you are taller, you should stock up on something solid. Of course, we are talking about an orthopedic pillow. Lie with your back on her, wrapping your long legs around your partner. He can only grab you by the hips and – forward to the dream.

Distant route 69

When you lie on your side, it doesn’t matter who is taller. Turn to face each other, slightly moving away, and feel free to start caressing. Your feet, hands and moans will guide you down Route 69 straight to your destination.

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