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5 best sex positions for couples of different heights

Diary of memory If your partner is taller than you, standing positions can be crossed out immediately. Except for one. Ask him to push you against the wall, lifting your hips slightly, like he’s Ryan Gosling. It is not necessary to test a guy for strength, but for the sake of a beautiful moment “likeContinue reading “5 best sex positions for couples of different heights”

How to behave after having sex with a new boyfriend

Doors are closing Maria is experiencing personal disaster. She accidentally ruined a quivering romance. She did not just ruin the romantic atmosphere with a stupid phrase or an unmotivated act, but literally went nuts. Everything began more than fine: meeting at a mutual friend’s birthday party, talking about art, winking in Skype, tapping in ICQ,Continue reading “How to behave after having sex with a new boyfriend”

11 secrets of the perfect kiss

You probably know that kissing is not only pleasant, but also very useful. Now imagine that for many couples in love, kissing can be even more exciting than sex – especially if you know some tricks that turn lip touching into an incredibly erotic process. According to many popular books on psychology, men and womenContinue reading “11 secrets of the perfect kiss”